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  • What is Detailing ?

    The process to thoroughly clean vehicle’s interior and exterior to remove stains, minor swirls, dirt contaminants, oxidation to provide the closest look of a new car.

  • What are Swirls?

    Swirls are very light scratches caused by traditional hand car washes and automatic car wash machine. It is also caused by removing dust with a dry towel or cleaning/drying your car improperly.

  • Why choose Auto2Go when the corner car wash is cheaper?

    Corner car washes are trained to work quantity over quality. This means they will use the same towel, greasy solvent products and quickly work through your car. This will trap the dirt and damage your car in the long term. In comparison, Auto2Go will focus on maximizing the quality of the wash with premium towels, interior brushes, quality products and exclusive service. We minimize the chances to create swirls on your car paint.

  • Why not go to Automatic car wash?

    Automatic Car washes are very rough on your paint, and do not clean properly. For example, birds eat rocks to grind the foods they eat. When theirs a bird drop on your car and is not treated properly, it can drag those residues on your car paint and damage it.

  • Can I still detail my car if I am on a budget?

    Yes. You can contact us and we can work something out to maximize a proper wash with the budget provided.

  • How long does your base package take to complete?

    We allow 1.5 hours for the base package to be complete. SUVs, Vans, Trucks require more time. A full detail can reach up to 4 to 5 hours depending on the job needed.

  • Can I cancel my appointment?

    Yes. Please allow 24 hours to cancel an appointment. A 25$ fee will be charged for any no-show appointments or last-minute re-scheduling.

  • What is Clay Bar Decontamination ?

    A process to remove rail dust, industrial fallout, brake dust, road salt and many more contaminants that penetrated/bond with your paint and regular cleaning doesn’t remove. This will help prevent premature clear coat failure, and/or overall accelerated degradation of the paint.

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